Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Congress website?

The LASA/Asia 2022 Congress website is: 
This website is in Spanish and English.

GO TO LASA/Asia 2022

2. I am a participant with an active role in the Congress. Where can I see the schedule, day and time of my session(s)?

To know the day and time of the session(s) where you will participate, please check the Program Book of the Congress, which is available on the Congress website.

3. I am a participant with an active role in Congress. How can I join the virtual session where I am participating?

Regular Sessions

Registered participants with an active role in the Congress –presenters, chairs, discussants, and organizers– will be able to enter the session or sessions in which they participate –panel, roundtable, or workshop– through the LASA/Asia 2022 website. The following steps will guide you to find your session.

  1. Go to the LASA/Asia 2022 website.
  2. Press the red button “Find Your Session”.
  3. You will be able to enter your session 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time by clicking “Connect to Session”.

    Before entering your session, you must confirm your Congress registration with your Friend of LASA or member ID and password.


Plenary Sessions

The Congress has 5 plenary sessions, one per day. Active participants –presenters, chairs, discussants, and organizers– of the plenary sessions must enter their session using the zoom link sent to their emails one hour before the session. 

  • February 15
    A Different Way of Thinking about the World Order: Mainstream and Contesting Approaches and Narratives on International Relations
  • February 16 
    Global Asias: Diasporic Bodies in Performance
  • February 17 
    Nikkei Communities Intersecting Latin America and Japan
  • February 18
    Time/Space/Race: Asia-Latin America as Method and Korean Entanglements
  • February 19 
    China/Asian studies in the Americas

4. I am a participant with an active role in the Congress. Will I receive any reminder with the time of my session(s)?

Yes. As an active participant in a LASA/Asia 2022 virtual session, you will receive one reminder email 1 hour before your session starts. This email will have the name and time of your session, as well as a direct link to the LASA/Asia 2022 website, where you can find your session.

5. I have the role of organizer in a session. Which are my tasks?

The organizer's tasks occur primarily before the Congress begins. The organizer was responsible for assembling the session and confirming the participation of all, including the chair, the discussant, and the paper presenters or presenters without papers. The organizer should advise the LASA/Asia 2022 Secretariat promptly of any changes in the composition of the session.

The organizer should have communicated with session participants in advance of the Congress date to ensure that paper presenters delivered their written work to the designated discussant in a timely fashion.

6. I have the role of chair in a session. Which are my tasks?

The chair is responsible for ensuring that all the presenters and the discussant respect agreed time limits, and he or she coordinates the question-and-answer session with the audience after session members have concluded their presentations. To do so, the chair will be promoted to co-host at the beginning of each session.

It is suggested that the chair let the panelists and attendees know at the beginning of his/her participation when there will be space to make comments or ask questions. As co-hosts of a session, and in order to moderate the Q&A, chairs will be able to mute or unmute attendees to allow attendees to talk. Chairs as well as active participants are able to manage the raise hand feature, view all Q&A, and respond.

If the chair of the session assumes the role of co-host, the discussant’s and organizer’s tasks are the same as in a face-to-face Congress.

After the session time has elapsed, one hour and 30 minutes, the LASA host will close the session and start the next one.

7. I have the role of discussant in a session. Which are my tasks?

The discussant should summarize key conclusions and identify issues for further discussion in the various papers presented by the session members. He or she might wish to situate the participants’ work within larger academic debates, but should not use the occasion to present a separate paper of her or his own.

8. I am a participant with an active role in the Congress. Who will be available to help me if something unexpected happens during my presentation?

LASA/Asia 2022 sessions will be hosted by a LASA designated host. The first task of the LASA designated host will be to start the session on time. At the beginning of each session, the LASA host will welcome the panelists and other participants and give the role of co-host to the chair of the session. If the chair is not present, the role of co-host may be assigned to the organizer, followed by the discussant, and lastly, to another panelist. For more information about the Zoom co-host role press here.

Note: Co-hosts cannot be assigned ahead of time. This is why the LASA designated host will assign the co-host during the first minutes of the session. The LASA host will remain connected during the session in order to help all participants with any technical issue they may encounter. After the session time has elapsed, one hour and 30 minutes, the LASA host will close the session and start the next one.

9. What is the time zone of the Congress?

All the sessions and events are scheduled following the Eastern Time Zone of the United States (New York Time). The films of the Film Exposition are available to watch at any time during the four days of the Congress, February 15–19, 2022. See Congress Schedule.

10. I am already registered for the Congress. How can I confirm my registration?

If you would like to make sure you are registered for the LASA/Asia 2022 Congress, look for your name in the list of registered participants

11. Which video platform is LASA using for the virtual sessions?

All the LASA/Asia 2022 virtual sessions will happen in the video conferencing system Zoom.

12. How can I get a participation certificate?

Certificates from the LASA/Asia 2022 virtual Congress can be downloaded on the LASA/Asia website after the conclusion of the Congress. Certificates will be downloaded in PDF Format.

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