Videoconferencing System

All the LASA/Asia 2022  virtual sessions will happen in the video conferencing system Zoom.

We recommend that you download the latest version of this platform in advance of your presentation and use the Zoom desktop client to participate. However, if you prefer to use the web version, please use the browser Google Chrome as it functions best with Zoom. For detailed instructions on how to use the video conferencing platform Zoom click here.

Best Practices for Virtual Sessions

  • Test your video and audio before your session.
  • If possible, use a wired ethernet connection rather than a WiFi connection.
  • Close any unnecessary applications or programs that your computer is running and you are not using.
  • Use a headset with an inline microphone during your participation instead of the built-in microphone / speakers on your computer. A headset focuses the microphone on your voice, cuts down on background noise, and minimizes echo.
  • Choose a quiet space. Be mindful of sounds in the background, and mute your cell phone to avoid interruptions.
  • If possible, put your laptop or desktop computer on a stack of books, so that the camera is at your eye level.
  • Due to backlighting, avoid having a window or lamp behind you. Be it natural or artificial the light should always come from the front. Lighting from the back will make it difficult for participants to see your face.

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